The Top 4 Ways Your Business Will Benefit from a Unified Recruiting Solution

Talent acquisition (TA) teams today are feeling the challenges of increased recruiting demands in an uncertain labor market, while endlessly, and often manually, searching for qualified candidates to fill long-open positions. They’ve found that the ATS is no longer enough to source, screen, engage, convert, and hire top talent. Recruiters are filling the gaps in their hiring processes by adopting automation and AI wherever they can. And in an environment that is also ultra-competitive for recruiters, those companies that adapt the quickest will win over top talent.

For talent teams that are looking to hire the best candidates, evolve recruiting processes, and improve key recruiting metrics, it might be time to upgrade talent solutions. Because a fully integrated, end-to-end TA suite, with a wide breadth and depth of capabilities, can transform talent acquisition and maximize hiring outcomes. That’s why we are thrilled today to introduce you to the Evolve Talent Acquisition Suite.

The Evolve Talent Acquisition Suite Is Recruiting Reimagined

What companies need most today is a unified talent acquisition suite that addresses the entire talent acquisition lifecycle and is fully dedicated to the talent acquisition function. That understands recruiters, supports hiring managers, and enables the widest range of functionality ever provided in a single solution. A system that goes far beyond the capabilities of an ERP just trying to check the box for recruiting. That embraces the full scope of recruiting beyond single-point or standalone solutions.

The breadth and depth offered in the Evolve Talent Acquisition Suite are what your TA team needs now to be competitive in the most difficult hiring environment in history. It’s time to move beyond where you are. To evolve your talent acquisition function. And to start transforming how you find and hire the best talent. It’s recruiting reimagined.

How Your Organization Can Benefit from a Holistic Talent Acquisition Suite

Looking for more reasons to supercharge your talent acquisition solution and evolve your recruiting efforts? Here are the biggest impacts that an end-to-end recruiting solution, like the Evolve Talent Acquisition Suite, can have on your business:

1. Enhancements to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives

Today’s candidates expect a workplace that’s diverse in representation, offers equitable internal opportunities, and supports all employees. TA teams have been working hard to improve diversity, equity, and inclusion within the company to better attract quality talent. The journey to creating this culture is no accident — it takes time and effort from everyone. But talent teams can easily encounter roadblocks trying to focus on DEI recruiting, while also filling several open requisitions and improving processes all at once.

Luckily, unified talent acquisition technology can step in to reduce the workload of tasks like sourcing and scheduling, while also improving things like the diversity of talent pools and candidate experience. An evolved talent acquisition suite can do everything from grading job descriptions and building diverse talent pools to automatically sourcing and matching candidates.

2. World-class candidate, recruiter, and employee experiences

Gone are the days when a company can win and retain the best talent while providing a poor experience to candidates and employees. The Great Reshuffle demonstrated that TA teams must adapt their processes and technology to meet growing expectations from candidates and employees, or risk losing talent in the short- and long term to competitors.

Automation and AI are helping TA teams create intuitive candidate, recruiter, and employee experiences at every touchpoint in the organization — from job broadcasting all the way to internal mobility opportunities and employee referral programs. Leverage holistic TA technology to free up time for recruiters by automating tedious daily tasks like scheduling interviews, screening candidates, or answering candidate questions. This extra time can be used to build and refine the recruiting process to maximize results while providing a better, more personalized experience for candidates and employees.

3. Improvements to key recruiting metrics

As we all know, a great recruiting process takes time to build. And it takes even longer to get right. Unified talent acquisition technology, like that offered in the Evolve Talent Acquisition Suite, enables a robust analytics platform that can dive deeper into data to inform decision-making. In order to be agile, recruiting teams should consistently monitor key metrics in their hiring process and use the data to make improvements.

An advanced analytics portal helps transform recruiting by allowing TA teams and leaders to learn about roadblocks in their processes in real-time, making it easier to adapt to changes. It offers unique, customized reports and dashboards that automatically put important data in front of key stakeholders like leadership and hiring managers. Use data to reimagine recruiting strategies and create a better candidate, recruiter, and employee experience.

4. More robust employer brand and recruitment marketing strategies

In a tight labor market that favors candidates, recruiters have had to add another role to their growing list: recruitment marketer. Talent teams must build a strong employer brand to attract and hire top talent before they get snatched up by a competitor. In general, an employer’s brand should reflect their values and company culture, and tell candidates why they should come and work there.

An elevated employer brand will stand out to job seekers and show off a strong value proposition for working at the company. Here are some more elements of a strong employer brand:

  • Demonstrated commitment to improving DEI in your organization
  • A career site that shares a variety of employee stories and information about working for the company
  • Makes the most of social media by engaging potential candidates and posting about work opportunities
  • Engagement campaigns to keep candidate and industry connections warm, using social, email, and text

The Evolve Talent Acquisition Can Transform Your Talent Acquisition Function

The entirely reimagined Evolve Talent Acquisition Suite can move you beyond where you are now. And transform how you find the best talent. Find out to evolve your talent acquisition function and deliver better recruiting results. Curious to learn more? Watch our product tour and see how our end-to-end suite is built for modern recruitment.