Case Study: Duncan Aviation

Family-Owned Company Looking For More Quality Talent to Expand Its Team

Jobvite - Duncan AviationDuncan Aviation is the largest family-owned MRO (maintenance, repair, and overhaul) facility in the world. As one of the top providers of business aircraft services, Duncan Aviation does it all from custom interior and modifications work to general aircraft repair and maintenance. While growing to over 2,000 employees in three major locations across 26 states, the company has managed to hang on to its family-first environment — no easy task. But thanks to a focus on employees and customers, their approach to business is to first take care of employees and trust they will in turn take care of customers.

“Our customers keep coming back because of the experience they have –– not just because of the quality standards we meet, but those we exceed. The experiences they have with our team members are an integral part of that.” explains Jennifer Monroe, Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist at Duncan Aviation. But in order to continue growing the family environment and network of highly skilled, quality employees, the company needed a customizable, modern ATS to help get there.

“Our system before was antiquated and just wasn’t working –– we had two systems really that weren’t communicating well with each other,” says Monroe. “When we went on a hunt to find a new ATS, Jobvite was the clear choice. It was much more intuitive; it was easy to just jump in and navigate.”

Developing a Broader Pipeline Through New Avenues of Outreach

Jobvite - Duncan Aviation -One-airplane-hangar

A majority of Duncan Aviation’s hires come from employee referrals. The ability for employees to send Jobvites to potential candidates through the system has allowed team members to share opportunities with their own networks.

“Jobvite’s Publisher Tool is a new way for us to get our brand name out there. Showing our employees that they can just push out a simple post to their LinkedIn is game changing and has steadily increased our employee referral count. The social aspect was also a huge decision factor in our reasoning to switch to Jobvite. Being able to push out job opportunities through social networks allows us to harness the networks of our internal employees and find candidates we previously wouldn’t have,” says Monroe. “Many of our employees have made their career with Duncan Aviation — our average tenure is approximately 13 years, so there are a lot of opportunities for people to grow internally. Jobvite makes it easier to share those too!”

By utilizing Jobvite CRM, the Duncan Aviation recruiting team has also been able to create various web campaigns surrounding initiatives to attract candidates for specific roles –– for example, new graduates.

“Working with the Evolve Managed Services team was great. Being former recruiting leaders, they had great insight on what would help us get the best ROI from the tool,” says Monroe. “With our college recruiting campaigns, we highlight real life pictures and show what it looks like to enter this field; and specifically what it looks like working at Duncan Aviation.”

As Jennifer and her team become more comfortable and knowledgeable with the Jobvite platform, they continue to find new ways to leverage the different functions such as reporting.

“We’re diving more and more into the tracking features and have already found that Jobvite has increased our total number of applications. Finding that we have such a high applicant flow coming in is a great validator and shows that our brand
is out there,” says Monroe. “In reporting, being able to see the metrics that compare us to others in our industry is helpful
to demonstrate to managers where we are in relation to our industry. It allows us to show the senior management what other companies are up to and how we’re doing alongside.”

In an industry where the average time-to-fill for a company its size is 40 days, Duncan Aviation has shaved 11% off its hiring rate in the past year, putting it at just 17 days on average.

Engaging Managers and Expanding Strategically

Jobvite - Duncan Aviation Outside-hangar-nightfall

For Duncan Aviation, part of finding success in recruiting is seeing the adoption of Jobvite amongst hiring managers. Beyond its ease of use, the breadth of resources and insights into the recruiting process that Jobvite provides adds another layer to the way Monroe and her team look at their talent pipeline.

“With our college recruiting campaigns, we highlight real life pictures and show what it looks like to enter this field –– for example, what a hangar actually look like,” says Monroe. “Our customers walk around the floor so that they can be right next to the plane and will meet our employees –– we want to make sure employees can assimilate and to ensure that prospects understand what the work we do is truly like.”

Looking ahead, Jennifer and her team see the value in utilizing Jobvite campaigns to strategically build their team across operations. From 2015 to 2016 alone, they saw a 20% increase in their talent pipeline, and look forward to even higher future growth.

“We’re expanding our facility in Provo, Utah expecting to grow from 40 team members to approximately 225 by 2020!” says Monroe.

Using Jobvite to build campaigns specific to that geographic area will be integral to Duncan Aviation’s growth and hiring in the year to come.

Duncan Aviation is Continually Evolving their Marketing Process

Jobvite’s Evolve Talent Acquisition Framework helps TA teams deliver world-class results. From initial assessment to specific action plans, Evolve empowers TA leaders to identify and prioritize areas for improvement so that no effort is wasted. Teams, processes, technologies, and strategies are optimized over time, and organizations emerge stronger, more efficient, and better able to adapt to the needs of the ever-evolving talent marketplace.

The Evolve framework offers four levels of talent acquisition maturity. Companies like Duncan Aviation can move from a level 1 to a level 2, by becoming more proactive and consistent in their recruitment marketing.

About Duncan Aviation

Duncan Aviation provides premier business aircraft services–delivered on time–for a wide variety of business aircraft at our facilities across the United States. Duncan Aviation has been owned and operated by the Duncan Aviation family since its founding in 1956. The Duncan Aviation name is well-known and respected by manufacturers and service providers around the world.