eegee’s Increases Response Rates with Jobvite Intelligent Messaging


Low applicant rates caused eegee’s to struggle to fill roles at its current locations and worry about facilitating hires at multiple expansions it has planned in the near future.


eegee’s implemented Jobvite and began utilizing Jobvite Intelligent Messaging to connect with candidates.


By using Jobvite’s tools, eegee’s weekly application volume rose by more than 500% – giving the restaurant chain the talent pool they needed to hire great employees, translating to better customer experience and growth.


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Evaluating Low Applicant Rates and Introducing Jobvite

Tucson-based restaurant chain eegee’s, which specializes in sub sandwiches and is most famous for its frozen fruit drink called the “eegee,” was struggling to fill roles at its 27 locations. With five more stores planned to open in the next year, it became crucial to find quality talent to keep the restaurants operating efficiently.

eegee’s recruiters experienced a general lack of applicant flow, and were previously communicating with candidates via manual texting, but often opting for phone calls or emails. This made it challenging to schedule interviews and quickly onboard employees with all the back and forth in communication.

With these concerns at the forefront, eegee’s made the leap and implemented Jobvite in May 2021. The organization has been using several of Jobvite’s tools, including the Jobvite ATS and Onboard, and Talemetry Source & CRM, in addition to Intelligent Messaging.

“Since using Jobvite we’ve been averaging around 400 applications a week,” said eegee’s Recruiter, Haley Steiner. Prior to introducing Jobvite, eegee’s was averaging just 60 applications a week.

This dramatic increase can be attributed to the integration of text recruiting and Intelligent Messaging within eegee’s recruiting strategies.

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Embracing Text Recruiting

With just 60 applications a week, the family restaurant chain previously did not have enough applicants to provide ample services to their customer base. By ramping up the number of applications, hiring managers at eegee’s now have pools of talent to find the right person for the job, at the right time, quickly and efficiently. In the current environment, many companies in the restaurant industry are struggling to fill open roles and retain talent, but eegee’s has successfully met demand by utilizing the best automated tools.

With the adoption of Intelligent Messaging, eegee’s is utilizing text based recruiting and chat bots to assist applicants throughout the process. eegee’s offers text to apply, which is a mobile application capability that allows candidates to submit information on-the-go. Recruiters are then able to send personalized texts to candidates and manage responses to individual conversations, keeping job opportunities top of mind for applicants right on their phones.

The company further highlights their Intelligent Messaging tools from a marketing standpoint by promoting text to apply to job seekers. eegee's has also seen an increase in applications from using Social Media Channels to promoting text to apply.

eegee’s has found that the option to text has helped to dramatically increase response rates, as restaurant industry workers value the flexibility and ease of applying through their mobile devices. According to the 2021 Job Seeker Nation Report by Jobvite, 98% of mobile recruiting texts have a successful open rate in comparison to just 20% for emails.

This has prevented applicants from ghosting the organization due to complicated application processes, and has saved hiring managers significant time tracking down phone numbers or emails because they can text candidates directly through the platform. Texting also delivers an engaging candidate experience at a time when many restaurants have a “Now Hiring” sign in their window. It enables talent teams to build innovative processes that really stand out from the competition.

To further simplify the application and onboarding process, eegee’s also employs Jobvite’s templated interview questions, which allows recruiters to ask the same questions to each interviewee. This sets an even playing field, giving each applicant the opportunity to answer the set of questions. This makes it more consistent to evaluate talent across eegee’s 27 locations. eegee’s hiring managers can then determine who they want to hire, when previously the organization extended offers freely with the labor shortages.

With eegee’s multitude of stores, Jobvite’s ATS also enables store managers to easily sort applications by job locations and schedule interviews all in one place.

“The features that Jobvite offered were excellent as far as being able to set up jobs so that it was easy for each store location to go in and utilize the text to apply,” Steiner said. “Jobvite is the best in terms of how many locations we have, allowing store managers to choose from a pool of talent to get good crew members in our stores.”

Reaching New Goals with Jobvite

eegee’s continues to use Jobvite's Intelligent Messaging to connect with candidates where they are, and plans to incorporate more of Jobvite’s tools into their recruitment strategies moving forward as the company experiences significant growth.

“It’s been quite an improvement, and it’s been amazing. [Jobvite] is really helpful and our stores are finally starting to become fully staffed,” Steiner said

With Jobvite, eegees’s is confident in their growing team as the organization expands with the addition of even more stores over the next year. One of these new stores will mark eegee’s first store outside of the Tucson area in Arizona’s capital city of Phoenix. Having the capability to attract the best talent with Jobvite allows eegee’s the assurance that this new expansion will be a success.

Intelligent Messaging continues to ease the burden for recruiters by using smart technology and automation to create a highly personalized experience for candidates. To learn more about how to connect with candidates via text, visit

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eegee’s EVOLVED Their Candidate Experience Through TEXT

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The EVOLVE framework offers four levels of talent acquisition maturity. By aligning processes and technology companies similar to eegee’s can go from a level 1 to a level 2.

About eegee’s

Headquartered in Tucson, Arizona, eegee’s is a quick service restaurant chain operating 24 locations in and around the Tucson area. The company has a wide variety of product offerings including sandwiches, french fries, salads, homemade ranch dressing, cookies, and the iconic eegee’s frozen fruit drink. All but one location contains both in-store and drive-through components. The company also offers a rotating menu of limited time offer items that have helped make it one of the strongest and most recognizable brands in southern Arizona. For more information, visit

Since using Jobvite we’ve been averaging around 400 applications a week.

Haley Steiner
Recruiter, eegee’s