Environmental Technology Leader Builds Global Recruiting Excellence with Jobvite


A leading sustainable-resource technology company faced heavy competition for skilled workers while building a powerful employer brand in their markets across the globe. As with most manufacturing and technology companies, they struggled to proactively attract and engage qualified candidates.


Partnering with Jobvite to create a better overall system for the recruiting team. They selected Jobvite for its configurability and scalability as they continue to grow globally. Jobvite automated many of their processes for a more streamlined recruiting workflow that helped improve key metrics


Thanks to Jobvite, their achievements have included improvements in key hiring metrics, including time-to-fill, cost-per-hire, hiring volume, and optimizing their source mix.


Recruiting team seeks new solution

As a leading global technology and services company, this organization is committed to solving critical water and infrastructure challenges with innovation. While they are a manufacturing company, they also have significant technology and professional services capabilities and staffing needs.

With approximately 15 in-house recruiters across the U.S. and Europe including various specialties and regional focuses, this evolving workforce of 15,000+ diverse employees have seen steady year-over-year growth, even during the pandemic.

The recruiting team is tasked with finding both skilled blue-collar and white-collar candidates as well as highly skilled software and technology positions. They also face the challenge of having a significant number of union locations, which adds a layer of complexity to the recruiting process.

“We were looking for a really good tool to engage candidates for a lot of our professional positions and for our blue-collar positions as well,” said the Director of Talent Acquisition. “Being able to attract blue collar candidates can be difficult, as they are often not on job boards or on LinkedIn searching for their next role. We needed something seamless.”

Additionally, TA leadership wanted a tool to support its recruitment marketing and employer branding campaigns. As a large company with many different brands and business units, it was important to raise awareness to potential candidates under a unified message about the company’s focus on technology and sustainability, a key brand value.

Jobvite offers a solution for today that is also ready for tomorrow

Jobvite was selected to deliver the technology to support build a Recruiting Center of Excellence in North America for this customer. As a Workday client, initial considerations for
delivering on this initiative included potentially leveraging the Workday recruiting module. However, product functionality limitations and a desire for a more robust, configurable system led to ultimately moving forward with Jobvite.

With Jobvite, leveraging the candidate-centric Applicant Tracking System (ATS), which streamlines the entire hiring process–is increasing hiring effectiveness and velocity. With built-in automated intelligence across the candidate journey, including the onboarding phase, data-driven decisions can now be made, saving time, and closing hires more quickly.

Utilizing the Jobvite CRM tool, also enables the team to build talent pipelines for many of their most competitive roles. Given the unique challenges of a Manufacturing/Technology company, there are many roles that fall into the “hard-to-fill” category. Jobvite CRM is helping address and solve for this challenge.

The recent addition of Jobvite’s Bias Blocker functionality and complimentary Job Description Grader tool has also benefitted this team’s recruiting maturity, as diversity and inclusion (D&I) is a key strategic initiative.

Beyond software, Jobvite is helping solve this customer’s challenges in other ways, including customization to meet their TA process needs. For example, Jobvite’s system was configured to allow recruiters to maintain their existing workflows.

“A lot of that has been automating our communications and building out templates so it’s as easy as a click to follow up, while still making the candidate feel like it’s personalized,” said the
Director of TA.

Analytics are important to this client, and Jobvite has helped deliver improved results on many of the key metrics they measure, including time-to-fill, cost-per-hire, hiring volume, and source mix (which is optimized for cost savings). One added benefit of choosing Jobvite is this client’s interest and willingness to participate in beta programs in partnership with Jobvite’s product team. This participation makes them feel they have a voice in the product roadmap.

“Jobvite supports us with anything. If something isn’t working or isn’t up to expectations, I can always talk to Jobvite,” the Director of TA said. “We are able to send ‘wish list’ items to the Jobvite team to see if it is on the road map. I feel like I’m heard.”

Achieving Maximum Impact with Jobvite

Adding Jobvite to this talent organization’s hiring repertoire completely reignited its recruiting efforts and enabling support and true partnership.

“When we had originally started the relationship with Jobvite, we were a much smaller company. I’ve seen the support change over time, and it’s been fantastic to watch the journey. The support we have and to have our questions answered has been great,” said the Director of TA.

The success this client has achieved since partnering with Jobvite is just the beginning. Further utilization of Jobvite’s tools in markets outside the U.S. will help them attain future goal as
well. This organization is in the process of building a Recruiting COE in Europe and are well on their way to global recruiting excellence. In addition, they want to meet and exceed D&I metrics across the company with the goal of gender parity on their leadership team by 2025.

Moving forward, additional goals include optimizing their Jobvite technology to reduce outside talent agency spend and benefit more from the efforts of the internal recruitment team. Building awareness and engagement with internal mobility and trackable employee referrals programs are also a part of this place.

Continued transformation through Jobvite innovation to improve hiring, onboarding, communication, and recruiting top skilled talent is on the horizon for this happy customer in the years of innovation to come.

About Jobvite

Jobvite is an end-to-end Talent Acquisition Suite that takes a marketing-first approach to intelligently attract dream candidates, automatically screen for the highest quality, engage employees invested in the future, and retain the people who care the most about your organization by combining the power of AI and the human touch. Jobvite is proud to serve thousands of customers across a wide range of industries including Ingram Micro, Premise Health, and Zappos. To learn more, visit www.jvidev.com or follow the company on social media @Jobvite.

Jobvite supports us with anything. If something isn’t working or isn’t up to expectations, I can always talk to Jobvite. We are able to send ‘wish list’ items to the Jobvite team to see if it is on the road map. I feel like I’m heard.

Director of Talent Acquisition
Environmental Technology Company