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Analytics for Deeper Talent Acquisition Insights

Drive better visibility, smarter automation, and faster time to hire with actionable analytics in the Jobvite platform. Jobvite’s Analytics and Advanced Analytics support talent acquisition teams in telling their talent data story with real-time insights.

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Analytics Platform

Uncover actionable insights

Uncover trends, spot recruiting bottlenecks, and identify areas for improvement with the Jobvite Analytics dashboard. Analytics is a standard, out-of-box solution that offers a visual summary of the current state and health of talent acquisition.

Peer benchmarking

Jobvite’s Company Quarterly Hiring Benchmark analysis provides context to compare quarter-over-quarter hiring performance with other organizations based on company size and industry.

Direct access to data

Get custom analytics and dashboards, combine hiring data with employee performance data to measure the quality of new hires, and get direct access to recruiting data through Jobvite’s Data Exchange.

Advanced Analytics Platform

Seamlessly unite your data

With hundreds of supported HR systems, you can directly access your talent acquisition data to drive better visibility, smarter automation, and faster hiring time.

Turn data into action

See what’s working and what’s not based on industry benchmarks and your historical performance data. Dashboards and automated alerts let you know when attention is needed.

Get unmatched visibility

Session recordings let you see exactly what candidates are doing on your career site or inside your software systems, enabling proactive, strategic optimizations based on actual user behavior patterns.

Cutting-Edge Data Analytics & Custom Reporting


60+ Standard Reports

View performance across your entire TA tech stack with Jobvite’s out-of-box standard reports. See everything from the candidate and applicant journey to where candidates are lost in the process.


Custom Reports

Leverage customized reports and interactive dashboards with immediate data that empower you to drill down into deeper insights and analysis.


Data Exchange

Access and integrate raw recruiting data from Jobvite with data from other external sources for custom analytics and dashboards in external business intelligence tools.

Deploy in Minutes 

With Advanced Analytics, there’s no need for integrations or in-depth IT involvement. Placing simple tags in your existing HR technology allows you to bring multiple processes, vendors, and systems into one view in minutes. And our experienced customer support staff is available to help you leverage analytics to evolve your organization’s TA maturity.

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