Important Updates for Jobvite Administrators

Jobvite understands that a vital component of being a trusted solution provider means continually investing in our customers’ success. Aligning with this, we would like to announce that we will be transitioning our support structure to Zendesk in Q4. This change allows us to streamline and evolve our support processes and operations, which translates to a better customer experience.

As part of our transition, we are retooling our support process to better align with our Standard Support Terms and Conditions (below). This change allows for process optimization, better service, and improved data security.

Section 1.1 of the Standard Support Terms and Conditions requires the designation of “Named Support Contact(s).” The Named Support Contact(s) will be responsible for making all support requests on the company’s behalf.

We will begin enforcing the Named Support model in Q1 2023, which allows us time to update customers’ Named Support Contacts.

Meanwhile, moving closer to the Named Support Model profiled above, beginning end of day September 1st, we will require all Support case creation to originate from Jobvite and Talemetry Administrators.

The reason behind this change is:

  • It limits the number of people who can make system configuration changes, eliminating the risk of creating additional issues.
  • To help minimize our customers’ compliance and security exposure: When Jobvite support needs access to a customer’s account, an administrator, not an end-user, should grant permission.
  • To protect our customers’ data: Support often needs to share sensitive information, including PII (Personally Identifiable Information). These interactions should be limited to the designated Administrator.
  • To minimize the need for Support cases: The Administrator(s) can often answer end-user questions and troubleshoot issues without needing to contact Jobvite Support.

Also, note that we are temporarily disabling our support chat feature while we work on upgrading our Support experience.

What does this mean to you?

End of the day, on September 1st, we will remove the in-app options to contact Support. Going forward, only Administrators will see the help menu options to create a case or chat Support.

For support emails, we will validate the senders’ roles. If the sender is not a named Admin, an automated response will instruct the submitter to work with their Administrator to submit a new case.

What do you need to do?

Begin identifying internal Named Support Contact(s) and email their name(s), email addresses, and titles to your Customer Success Manager or Account Manager. Alternatively, send the information to

If you have any questions about these changes, don’t hesitate to contact your Account or Customer Success Manager.


Who can create a support ticket after September 1st?

Beginning on September 1st, those listed as Administrators within Jobvite and Talemetry will have the ability to create support tickets.

Will this communication go to all Jobvite users?

On August 19th, 2022 – Jobvite and Talemetry Administrators will receive email and in-application communication. We will also be informing any user who submitted a support ticket within the last 180 days.

What Support is available for non-admin users?

Non-administrator Jobvite and Talemetry users have access to the resource center. (Note: Users will need their login to access the resource center)
• Resource Center
• Knowledge Base
• e-learning
• Learn at Jobvite
All courses are self-paced, led by Jobvite product experts, and available for every Jobvite solution 24x7x365.

How do I find my designated Admin(s)?

Contact your Human Resources or TA Manager.

How do I change or add Administrators?

The answer varies depending on your setup. Adding an Administrator can be done manually or through an employee sync. See the instructions below for adding an Administrator manually.
To manually add or remove an Administrator:
1. Go to the Users tab found in the More menu (To see users, you must have a Human Resources role designation in the Jobvite system)
2. In the Employees section, click on View Employee list
3. Search for the name in the Search button
4. Once you find the desired name, select it by name and click on edit
5. In the Roles section, select or de-select the desired roles
6. Click Save

Is there a limit to the number of people who can be Admins?

Currently, Jobvite does not limit the number of Administrators, but we reserve the right to introduce limits upon contract renewal. We recommend two HR Users, two Admins, and two Superusers. They can be the same two people for all three roles, but there must be a backup for each.

Note, when we move forward with Named Support Contacts support model, only these individuals will be able to create Support cases. We recommend you align your Administrators with your Named Support Contacts.